Events – 2018


Our Presenter

We are pleased to have Broadcaster and Astronomer Pete Williamson leading our programme again this year.

Pete is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, BBC Radio Shropshire's  Eye On The Sky, Manager at Astro Radio, and the Solarsphere festival.

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Observing Opportunities

Each of our events includes Observing with support of enthusiasts from Shropshire Astronomical Society, weather permitting of course.

Topic for 2018 - Our Moon...

The final event for 2018 ......

Saturday November 10th  2018 - Current Lunar research

We know more about the moon’s surface than we know about our oceans’ floor. Perhaps the moon will be a staging post for space travel to other planets and beyond.

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Observing Opportunities:
Another opportunity to see deep sky objects as there is no moon this evening

2019 Programme

2019 Programme - Observing the Night Sky

In 2019 we will be concentrating upon Observing the Night Sky. Each evening, Pete will tell us about the fascinating features visible in the sky for the time of year.

He will offer help and advice on where to find the objects and how best to see them.

More information to follow soon .........



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