The Rise of The Sisters

Stars in Your Skies - The Rise of The Sisters

Date & Time: Saturday November 23rd, 2019 8.00pm
Location: National Trust Tea Room, Carding Mill Valley, SY6 6JG
Price: £10 Includes Soup & Roll or equivalent refreshments
Booking Essential: Online at National Trust Carding Mill Valley

Pete Williamson FRAS is a renowned observer and photographer of the sun and the stars. He will be guiding us around the night sky, what to see, where it is, and how best to see it.

Picture of the Pleiades star cluster taken by Pete WilliamsonThe Pleiades are depicted in the 3500-year-old Nebra sky disk, the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology, and more recently ‘seven for the seven stars in the sky’ in the children’s counting song. The next line in the same song ‘Eight for the April Rainers.’ refer to another group of stars, the Hyades.

Remembering where the constellations are, how to recognise them, and what objects of real interest lie within them, comes with practice. Mythological stories can help.

This evening with Pete Williamson’s knowledge and experience will be unmissable.

Stars In Your Skies provide astronomical events for novices and enthusiasts.