Sword of the Hunter

Stars In Your Skies - Sword of the Hunter

Date & Time: Saturday 9th February 8.00pm. Refreshments from 7:30pm

Location: National Trust Tea Room, Carding Mill Valley, SY6 6JG

Price: £10 Includes Soup & Roll or equivalent refreshments

Booking Essential: Online at National Trust Carding Mill Valley

Pete Williamson is Back

We welcome Pete Williamson FRAS back with us again for 2019. Our focus for 2019 is "Observing the Night Sky" and Pete's first evening is with Orion the Hunter, a constellation easily recognised by the three stars in his belt, and his sword hanging from it.

Orion Nebula

Picture of the Orion Nebula, taken by our presenter Pete Williamson
Picture by Pete Williamson FRAS

Orion in Greek mythology was a hunter who threatened to kill all animals on earth. The Earth goddess Gaia banished him to the skies. His sword contains the iconic Orion Nebula, visible with the naked eye. It is a birthplace of stars and is just one of the many beautiful objects in our Dark Skies.

Telescopes or not

You can see so much with the naked eye and a lot more with binoculars. Telescopes do take some practice and it helps to be shown a trick or two by experienced users. Pete will help us to make the best of our Dark Skies with hands on Observing with hints, tips and explanations.

Stars In Your Skies provide astronomical events for novices and enthusiasts.