From Galactic to Intergalactic

Stars In Your Skies - From Galactic to Intergalactic

Date & Time:     Saturday October 26th, 2019 8.00pm Refreshments from 7:30pm

Location:          National Trust Tea Room, Carding Mill Valley, SY6 6JG

Price:               £10 Includes Soup & Roll or equivalent refreshments

Booking Essential: Online at National Trust Carding Mill Valley

Further Away

Tonight, Pete Williamson FRAS shows us how to see the fainter and more distant objects, whether they are in our Milky Way or further away.

The Andromeda Nebula

Over 1000 years ago a Persian astronomer recorded a small misty, nebulous cloud in the constellation of Andromeda and it became known as the Andromeda Nebula. It was joined by a growing list of nebulous objects seen with the naked eye. When telescopes were discovered, the skies gave up more secrets and greater clarity to even more fuzzy objects in the night sky. By the late 1700's over 1000 nebulae and star clusters were catalogued.

Another Galaxy

photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken by Pete Williamson FRAS100 years ago, the Milky Way was the only known galaxy. In 1923, Edwin Hubble proved that Andromeda Nebula was another galaxy beyond the Milky Way. We now know there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars.

Deep Sky Objects

Clouds of illuminated gas, star clusters and galaxies have become known as Deep Sky objects. Pete Williamson FRAS will show us how to find them.

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