Current Lunar research

Date: Saturday November 10th 2018 8:00pm

Soup etc. (included in price) from 7:30pm


Ticket office is not open yet

Location: National Trust Tea Room, Carding Mill Valley SY6 6JG

How to Get Here

The Nature of the Moon

We know more about the moon’s surface than we know about our oceans’ floor.  Although the far side of the moon isn't visible from earth, spacecraft have orbited the moon and studied it in depth with equipment designed to study the thin atmosphere, and to penetrate below the surface. Is there sufficient water and other chemicals to sustain a colony of people? 

Perhaps the moon will be a staging post for space travel to other planets and beyond.


Observing Opportunities

Another opportunity to see deep sky objects as there is no moon this evening

Artistic representation of a future Moon colony.
Credit: NASA/SAIC/Pat Rawlings

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