2017 Programme of Events

Our New Presenter

We are pleased to have Broadcaster and Astronomer Pete Williamson leading our programme this year.

Pete is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, BBC Radio Shropshire's  Eye On The Sky, Manager at Astro Radio, and the Solarsphere festival. He was a popular key player in Carding Mill Valley at our 'Transit of Mercury' solar event in 2016.

Check out Pete's web site:  

Topic for the Year - The Life of Stars - Dust to Dust?

Pete's story begins with the birth of stars, where they start and what they are made from. We will find out that Stars are not always alone and isolated, they have their own families and companions. 

We'll see our Sun in intimate detail with Pete's spectacular images
and through his Solar Scopes during daytime observing at our mid-summer daytime event. Find out what hazards are in store by being so close to the sun, and how much we benefit from being where we are.

Then stars die, some violently while others just fade to oblivion. Either way, there are remnants left behind: perhaps Black Holes or clouds of gas and rubble? Perhaps dark, invisible, cold and lonely lumps careering through the cosmos.

Observing Opportunities

Each of our events includes Observing with support of enthusiasts from Shropshire Astronomical Society, weather permitting of course.

Pete and others will bring specialist Solar observing equipment for spectacular views of our Sun to our FREE Mid-summer's day event.